How will the World be after Corona?
How will the World be after Corona?

I lie awake at certain nights pitying my young self of thinking that by 2020 we’ll have hover cars, time machines, portals that would transport humans from one place to another (like in cartoons LOL), aliens, two-way trips to other universes and what not. And here we are isolating in our homes in order to survive the deadly (well not so deadly) CORONA VIRUS. 

I still remember that one night, in January or February maybe, where a friend of mine came to my dorm room and told me about the status of the corona virus. She said that we wouldn’t be able to go on our final year trip (YES, you heard it right!! Final year. Final Semester. The few months you look forward to all your life). I said yes I do know A LOT regarding it and it’s in China. It would never make it to Pakistan (I was such an idiot). Fast forward to 13th May, we were all happy that the government had announced vacations and booked tickets to home. Never knew the vacations would turn into never-ending regret.

This social distancing scenario for now seems never-ending to me. It feels like it’s been forever. Although I pray and hope it ends soon. But how will the world be after corona virus? I usually wonder what the future holds for us.

The current scenario is that most of the countries are unable to cope with the virus. The virus has left countries both economically and mentally crippled. The under developed and developing countries are suffering the most where most of the population is already in a hand to mouth situation. The people can’t stay at home because they would die of hunger nor can they go to work because they would end up with the virus. A lot of people have lost their jobs and most of the self-employed ones bankrupt. While the governments are trying their best to provide people with basic necessities free of cost, their healthcare systems are on the verge of crashing and no strategy seems to be working out.

The corona virus has hit the economy badly and will leave us with devastated infrastructure and possible bankruptcy at all levels. The future depends upon how the government and people respond to corona virus and its aftermath. After the corona virus, we’ll be left with higher than ever poverty and unemployment. They will lead to increased crime rates and low levels of mental health among individuals. While people are responding to the pandemic in different ways and their responses are evolving, nothing seems to be working. It affects every individual one way or the other.

While corona virus is a socially driven disease, most of the people in countries like Pakistan are unable to understand the concept of social distancing. Lockdown is placing pressure on the world’s economy and this pressure has led the leaders of many countries to ease the lockdown measures. Now this decision has its own drawbacks. It has led to an alarming increase in the number of corona virus cases due to the inability of individuals to understand the intensity of the situation. It has also led to increase in the pressure on the already crippled health care system in most countries like Pakistan where the economy is already at the verge of collapsing.

The aftermath of the virus will be a world with crippled economy and infrastructure, an increase in hunger, poverty and crimes. The pandemic may also lead to either socialism or capitalism at state level which depends upon the response from individuals.

 We can create a better world for us if we adopt the protection of human life as the guiding principle of our economy. This is how the leadership of Pakistan is dealing with the pandemic. Individuals and organizations are also working on their own to help those in need. 

Hopefully, we will come out of this crisis stronger, lead our nation towards prosperity and make this world a better and humane place for every individual despite our differences.